Welcome back from Jamaica!!! The Brotherhood of Burlesque took the Caribbean Burlesque Festival by storm!!!

Congratulations to our boys!

Mr. Valdez, Mustang Monroe, and Damian Wunderluv represented Peaks and Pasties at ABulyQ in New Mexico August 22 & 23 2014!

Mr. Valdez took 2nd place for Best Boylesque solo!
Brotherhood of Burlesque won 2nd place for Best Group performance!

Click here to see the Brotherhood "Turnin' Me On!"


Click here to see Mr. Valdez "Light 'Em Up"




Peaks and Pasties members to perform at first annual Florida Burlesque Festival!

Bunny Bee!

Candy Bottom and MissTerrie!


Welcome Home Boys!!!

The Brotherhood of Burlesque just performed at the New York Boylesque Festivle 2014!!!

read all about their performance in the www.21centureyburlesque.com article written by Kitten LaRue


Kougar DeVille Dazzles at the Ohio Burlesque Festival!

Colorado's Premier Burlesque, Boylesque & Variety Troupe!

Since March 2008, Colorado Springs has been taken by a storm of tassels, sequins, feathers and rhinestones as Southern Colorado’s burlesque and male-burlesque troupe, Peaks and Pasties have gathered great popularity with an ever-expanding fan base, due to its unique style of entertainment. Performing burlesque has proven to be an empowering experience for audiences and performers alike, and is an engaging and fun source of creative expression. 

Peaks and Pasties is Southern Colorado’s first and only burlesque, male-burlesque and vaudevillian variety troupe. In every show, classic, traditional, vaudevillian and modern talents, along with the art of theater and burlesque is incorporated. Burlesque has enjoyed resurgence in popularity in the past few years; it’s truly an American performing arts form, and Southern Colorado has become a focal point of talent. 

“Lola Spitfire really knows how to put on a burlesque festival. Lola Spitfire is keeping burlesque in that great and honorable tradition alive. If you ever have the time to work for these lovely people… do so! You won’t regret it! It’s on my top ten list for sure! – Burlesque Legend Satan’s Angel 

The Mission of Peaks and Pasties: To celebrate women and men of all races, shapes, and sizes, giving participating members an opportunity to develop and showcase their individual performing art talents, with an emphasis on burlesque and male-burlesque.  As a result of intensive workshops and continual training, Peaks and Pasties provides first class, variety show performances at venues throughout Southern Colorado and inspires all those in attendance to celebrate their bodies and realize beauty through the art of burlesque and male-burlesque. Peaks and Pasties is a prominent force in the community with a passionate commitment to charity work.



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